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Vojnínský mlýn mill building after reconstruction The historic building of Vojnínský mlýn, which has undergone a demanding reconstruction, ended with a spectacular celebration of 300 years of its existence with the participation of more than 500 people, along with the accompanying participation in a horse show with Friesian horses from the Vojnínský mlýn Stable and accompanying band.

Erna mare - founder of the breeding

Plans for the next years, within the whole complex, include further expansion of the facilities. A new circular riding arena has been completed for training not only our young offspring.

celebrations of 300 years

International participation

Our team participates lead in Chemnitz, Germany and the Netherlands Leewarden.

Irving van Dupaumolen - Ster and champion of stallion category

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  • For sale

    Read any offers in the section "Horses for sale".

    Offer: luxury 3 year old Friesian mare

    For sale - 3 years old mare

  • The upcoming seduction of Friesian horses

    We continuously prepare our young offspring and adults for regular participation in Friesian Horse Show, IBOP dressage under the KFPS studbook and dressage under the CJF.

    Its' cool

  • Friesen keuring 2023

    Hellen van Dupaumolen won a beautiful 3rd premium at the Friesian Horse Show

    Hellen van Dupaumolen 2023 - foal

  • Friesen keuring 2022

    Jasmine van Dupaumolen again from our breeding got the title Ster and became the champion of the whole litter at the age of only three years. Mare Jasmine title as Ster

  • Friesen keuring 2021

    Our mare Diana van Dupaumolen got the title Ster and became champion mare at the Friesian Horse Show

    Mare Jasmine van Dupaumolen 2022,


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Our herd has grown and enjoys paddocks on beautiful and foggy days.

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