The horses in our Stage regularly run in harness , but at this time is ther practice for Friesian Horse IBOP KFPS.


Currently, we are mostly engaged in dressage. Under the KFPS studbook, we mainly take IBOP exams as part of regular kierings.

We have established a riding club JK Vojninsky mlyn, under which our horses and riders ride.



Mare Betsje during the competition IBOP

Our horses passed the IBOP tests in dressage for the result of Rixt 78 points and Betsje in Chemnitz, Germany for 80 points. For Friesian horses, the number of points at 77 means the fulfillment of one of the conditions for the title Kroon or Model for mares, which is the highest rating for Friesian mares.

Riding club JK Vojninsky mlyn

Pony Lady in JK Vojninsky mlyn


Horse-drawn carriage

Training horse-drawn carriage

Training in horse-drawn carriage is a welcome additional activity for horses and their trainers and owners.