MARE RIXT title Crown


  • Age: Born March 10, 2005
  • Tije 401 Stb Sport x Silke P.V. Stb STER.

Rixt - dressage Rixt - dressage

Wickey van Dupaumolen

Rixt was the first mare in the Czech Republic to be awarded the title of Crown. In addition, she won at the Czech keuring title Grandchampion svodu 2011.
In 2015, Rixt gave birth to Wickey van Dupaumolen foal. Foal received the title of champion of foals with 1e premium and in 2019 he won as an adult stallion under the leadership of the new owner Denisa Budáková title Ster and champion stallions at the Friesian keuring in Královice u Slaného.


Rixt in 2009 we bought in Holland and brought to Czech Republic. In 2010 , the competition in the Svinčice its latest evaluation of second premium , to improve initial premium. Since Then, gradually preparing for exams IBOP under the leadership of Vladimir Blaha , if first in obtaining 77 points and the defense premie lead to campaign for the title Krone.