• Luxury 3 years old Friesian mare

    top breeding line by sire Jurre 495, multiple champion of Central Stallion Show in NL.

    maternal line full pedigree Ster Pref x Ster Pref x Ster x Pref x Model Inbreeding 0,00% , dam by Tsjerk 398,

    beautiful movement, very nice, ready to sit, high breeding potential.

    Higher price, only for serious buyers.


  • Friesian colt Darwy van Dupaumolen - sold

    Stage Vojnínský mlýn sold 1e premie!! Lead-in Fríesian horses Hradišťko u Sadské 2017 Darwy van Dupaumolen - Hradištko 2017(CZE)

    Darwy van Dupaumolen,
    - Boren 02.05.2017 with 1e premie!
    - Mother: Erna van de Albert Hoeve Stb,
    - Father: Maurus 441 Sport dutch stallion.

  • Whickey van Dupaumolen - sold

    Vojninsky mlyn stable sold champion of foals with 1 e premium won at the Friesian Horse kiering 2015

    Wickey van Dupaumolen - horse kiering Hradištko 2015(CZE)

  • Friesian stallion Perseus van Dupaumolen - sold

    Perseus van Dupaumolen - Hradištko 2013 (CZE)

    Stallion Perseus van Dupaumolen,
    - boren 19.4.2014,
    - mother Stb Kroon!,
    - father Stendert 447 STb Sport.

    Perseus is from Czech breeding. Due to the mother's father and the obtained mother's award, this is a rare breeding line.

  • Friesian stallion Karel van Dupaumolen - sold

    Karel van Dupaumolen - 2014(CZe)

    Karel van Dupaumolen is " STER stallion" , this item had this year in the Friesian Horse Assembly in Hradišťko in Nymburk (CZE ) . Return the evaluation began as a foal when he received the 1e premii , was the world champion of foals and received the title of "best of the domestic horse breeding " . Karel van Dupaumolen is for the mother and father CHARDONNE Fleur de Michiel 442 Sport, to the wonderful courses inherit. He was professional ridden this year and has been trained in the harness.
    Karel is a quiet nature , used the horseshoe and travel. He has a great desire to work. Great potential for future breeding , as a breeding stallion barok pinto and also in the sport. His potential is extraordinary already received title Rochester at the age of three years. Karel has all vaccinations.
    To be seen.

    Karel van Dupaumolen - Hradištko 2014(CZe)   Karel van Dupaumolen - Hradištko 2014(CZe)